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commercial-truck-accidentWe live in a scary age of modernism where most of us are able to afford a car, which means that we have more cars on the road which cause congestion and accidents. Modernism has brought with it more businesses and, consequently, more trucks are on our roads, too. Car and truck collisions happen so often but how can we avoid them?

First of all, we need to practice safety when driving. This incorporates many elements.

Be alert when you drive. Be aware that you are driving with other road users and pedestrians. Look around at objects that may be an obstruction for you and avoid it. Don’t use your cell phone while driving or apply your make up when you drive. This distracts you. In an instant a truck can drive before you, and it may be too late for you to stop in time.

Don’t drive while tired. If you are tired, rather let someone else drive. A better option would be to stay where you are. If you are at a friend’s house for a braai

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img_motorcycle_maintenance_10_essential_tips_to_keep_your_motorbike_healthy_5422_300_squareLove your bike and want to keep it in mint condition? You can easily do it by following a few maintenance tips.


Regularly check the tyres for scratches, cuts and embedded stones
Check if the air pressure in the tyre is correct
Periodically check the tire alignment


Make sure the brakes are not too tight or lose
Replace worn-out brake pads if you consistently hear the screeching sound
Make sure that the brake fluid is at the correct level
Periodically check to see if any dirt or grime is accumulated in the brake shoe

Spark Plug

Once in a while you should check if the spark plug is working fine
Remove the spark plug and wipe the area
Dip it in a little kerosene or petrol and then wipe it with a clean cloth
Check if the electrodes are clean and properly connected
Reinstall it
Replace corroded or damaged spark plugs immediately


Regularly inspect battery terminals and remove sediments or dirt build-up
Use a brush to remove the dirt and sediments

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download (6)Let’s face it. If you own a motorcycle chances are that you’re thinking about performance. Motorcycles have been around since the early 20th century and since their inception people have been trying to increase their power. These 3 easy and inexpensive modifications will not only increase your motorcycle’s performance but give you confidence and know-how to keep your bike in top shape.

Air Filters

Motorcycle performance starts with air and air filters are the first point of contact your engine has with the outside world. Air flow plays a critical part in your engine’s performance and a simple way to think about this is; more air = more power but more air = worse filtration so you’ve got to play the balancing game to find the right mix.

Stock airboxes on most bikes are quite adequate but a simple upgrade can quickly increase horsepower as these focus mainly on filtration and not performance. The trick is not to let too much air in because it may contain contaminates that could be harmful to your engine. Race bikes use

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A ton of research has been done on new drivers. The resulting factors are actually quite terrible. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states:-

1. The new drivers are seen to have the maximum number of accidents.

2. Crashes in motor-cycles are the causes of death of most 15-20 year olds. 40% of teen deaths in every town are caused by this.

3. 50% of all fatal accidents happen at night when 16-19 year olds are driving.

4. The hours of 9:00 to 6:00 are the time for 43% of all teen motor vehicle deaths.

5. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is the time for 54% of all motor vehicle deaths.

6. Alcohol is involved in about 36% of the crashes responsible for killing young people.

In case you choose not to be a part of these statistics, here are a few tips to help you go through these:-

1. Seat belts- Make sure you always wear your seat belt and do not move the car until all the passengers have buckled up.

2. Timing-A major reason for accidents in teens has been speeding. The faster your car is moving,

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If you are considering selling an old car that you wish to dispose of, do it only after you double-check and confirm that the car is not vintage. Old classic cars may not mean a lot to you if you are not an ardent car lover. However, selling vintage cars without knowing their worth makes you miss out on the potential gain you would have had in your bank account otherwise. Being a part of vintage car shows can remind you about the hundreds of dollars that you can gain by selling these car parts. To add to this, if you own a vintage car that works, then you can be certain of making great profit by selling it.

Before you decide on selling the car that you have owned for ages, it is vital that you understand its worth, especially if the car is worth a lot more than you think it is. Any particular vehicle that was manufactured in between the years 1920 and 1950 are considered vintage vehicles. There are a lot of individuals around the world who are into collecting classic cars and these people are called car enthusiasts. So it is vital

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Do you have a timeworn, corroded, unwanted car that is just occupying extra space on your property? Maybe you have a worn-out car that you want to dispose of as it should be so that you can get rid of the problems that it is bringing along. There are vast numbers of corporations that will voluntarily take them off your hands and will compensate you with cash in return. No matter what form your car is in, you can get additional money by scrapping your car if you choose a credible company.

Why do you need to sell old car for scrap?

When the car has stretched to the termination of its life and becomes of insignificant or no use, when it has been depreciated and is of diminutive or no worth, these are some of the aspects people will need to scrap their vehicle. The term scrap cars is often used to insist on old or wrecked cars which are abortive in their functionality and are long past their sell by date with respects to performance and dependability.

If your automobile is in this cataloging, then it is easy to discard the vehicle and

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You finally made a leap and invested in a reliable truck, for a smooth running business. You can run it hard but take care of it at the same time. Remember it’s more than just a truck, it’s your business and your workhorse so take care of it. If the truck is not so new anymore you must especially take care of it, not only as the owner but as the driver as well. It is part of your work force, does your business and is the face of your company.

Taking good care of your truck ensures that you don’t have to spend money on a new truck every year or two. Here are a few ways to take care of your truck without spending a lot of money.

Check and change all oils regularly. Nothing else will help an engine last longer than proper oil and filter changes when it is necessary. While not requiring a frequent service, these fluids must be changed according to your truck’s service plans. Always use transmission fluid or gear oil of the recommended type and thickness. Change brake fluid when necessary and bleed the truck once a year.

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Are you in the market for a used truck but don’t know where to begin? Not to worry! Check out these tips to make buying your next vehicle a quick and easy transaction.

1. Do your research on the make and model that will best suit your needs. Used trucks span the gamut when it comes to makes, models, and extras, so make sure that you have your list of deal-breakers and must-haves before you start visiting dealerships. Having a list of desired features will help weed out trucks that don’t fit your needs and reduce feeling overwhelmed by all of the options.

2. Decide on a budget and stick to it. It can be incredibly easy to get talked into something extravagant, especially since there are so many cool features available for an additional cost. The firmer you are with your budget, the better prepared you’ll be to negotiate with the seller.

3. If you’re going to a lot, try to go towards the end of the month. This old adage is true. Dealers are willing to negotiate more towards the end of the month than the beginning because they are under more pressure

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We all love how versatile pickup trucks are. Whether it’s a long drive on the highway, working your way through the deep woods on a dirt road, or traversing muddy terrain, our pickup trucks go through abuse every day. It’s essential for owners to learn how to properly wash and maintain their pickup trucks. It’s not just about how dust free and shiny you want them to look when you’re driving down the street, it’s about preserving the paint and your investment in the truck itself.

There is nothing like a detailed hand wash job done on your vehicle. Commercial car washes are good for getting salt off in the winter when it’s too darn cold to get out the hose and sponge in your driveway, so it is a better alternative that time of than letting that road salt eat away at your paint job, and it will.

Regardless of how dirty or dusty your truck is, wet it down, top to bottom first. Using ample amounts of water when washing is advisable to ensure proper cleaning and rinsing, and to avoid leaving any soap residue to dry up and leave spots. Do not use

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Taking a Course

Before legally driving a heavy equipment hauler, you are required to take a course, pass a test and get a license. There are courses available through individual companies, as well as through the government. It is important that you do not drive a heavy equipment hauler without a license. Also, most of the states in the U.S. have different permits that are required when hauling heavy equipment and the permits can change between counties and other municipalities. You must get all of the necessary permits before driving.


Specific insurance is required before any trip using a heavy equipment hauler. Be sure to get the correct insurance necessary for the trip you plan to make. If you plan to work for a company that frequently uses heavy equipment haulers, they will likely take care of all of these details and have general insurance for their company. However, if you plan to drive/hire an individual not associated with a company, you must purchase insurance.

Load Distribution

Prior to driving, you must check the load distribution and make sure that the vehicle is properly loaded and equipped. First, it is important to

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Buying vehicles most especially trucks is a huge investment. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the right trucks for sale. However, there are some individuals who want to purchase specific models and brands of trucks which can be very hard especially if you are opting for older or newer models. Luckily, you can purchase such trucks overseas.

Of course, some trucks come in different countries. Therefore, some manufacturers still provide older and new models. And, the best way to obtain these trucks is to import them. But, before finalizing your decisions, it is important to know some of the mistakes individuals make when importing trucks for sale overseas.

Immediately hiring a freight company to import your truck

One of the most common mistakes individuals make when importing trucks is immediately hiring a freight company to import your vehicle. This is a common issue for individuals who get too excited on importing their truck, but do not have sufficient knowledge about it. When importing, there are numerous factors you need to consider. For one, you need to prepare certain documents such as requirements as a buyer. Not to mention, it is also important to have

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You are way past your childhood and are on the way to adulthood, this is exactly when your interest in motorcycles and biking pressures arise. If you are one among the 500,000 people looking out for a new motorcycle but are relatively new to the sport, then you could use some expert advice so that you can easily come to a conclusion of what exactly your requirement is.

When deciding on the type of motorcycle you require, the first thing that you need to do is to analyze and understand your use for this bike. There are a lot of options when you talk about the type of motorcycles depending on what you would want to do with the motorcycle. Your options are varied depending on if you want to ride the bike off-road or on road.

If you are seeking for a motorcycle to be ridden on road then you are at the right place. Discussed below is the complete picture of all that you need to know.

On road motorcycles are grouped based on style and then further based on the engine size. On road bikes can be used for purposes such as

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Motorcycles, being a rage are being manufactured in different styles. The variety makes it very difficult to identify one that matches with your requirements. It could get very challenging choosing a motorcycle unless you follow tips that are tried and tested.

These guides on how to choose a motorcycle will help you with selection.

Motorcycles are of many types like touring bikes, sport bikes, dual sport bike, cruisers and so on. Young people are always impressed with big names like Harley Davidson, however when these bikes may not be a good choice especially if it is your first. These cruisers are awesome but they are also loud, expensive and chrome loaded so they are not a beginner’s friend.

Choosing the touring motorcycles as your first is a blunder because these bikes are made for long distance riding and so built in such a way that it can endure long, harsh conditions. They are heavy and expensive too. Riding these touring bikes need lot of experience.

Beginners would not do well with the sport bikes because they are performance oriented, agile and very fast. New riders would not be able to handle this kind of

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Many people have chosen motorcycles instead of automobiles for transportation. Although these vehicles can be fun to ride and economical to maintain, there are important factors to consider when driving them. Explore tips and strategies for staying safe if you choose to ride one.

Injury and Fatality Data

Only about two percent of the total number of registered vehicles in the United States are motorcycles. However, these vehicles represent about five percent of all highway fatalities that occur each year in this country. The disparity between these two percentages illustrates the high number of people killed when they choose this type of transportation. In a motorcycle accident, about 80 percent of the time, the rider is either injured or killed. With an automobile accident, occupants of the car are only injured or killed about 20 percent of the time.

Comparison of Vehicles

The reason for the high number of incidences resulting in both injury and death with motorcycles is mainly due to the lack of protection. With a car, people have the heavy structure of the vehicle around them. The roof and door beams protect in the event of a rollover or impact. Automobile

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So it’s time to put your faithful motorcycle up for sale? Of course you know what a great bike it has been for you all these years, but how do you assure your buyers that your motorcycle is the one for them?

There are some bases that you should be sure and cover before and during your sale. We have put together what we believe to be the top ones that you need to sell that bike fast.

Know the expected value of your motorcycle. You may think your bike is the best one online and worth $5,000, but unless you price it competitively you will not even get people to show up at your door.

Clean the bike. First impressions are everything, and if someone pulls up to your driveway and sees a filthy bike, the deal may have no chance before they even get out of the vehicle. Give it a good detailing.

Tune up the bike. The second thing that will give the meeting a good or bad impression is how well your motorcycle runs. When they hit that start button, if it purrs to life and runs smoothly, it will

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Standard bikes are designed for basic street use. They generally do not have a windshield, and the driver sits in an upright position.


Cruisers are larger than most other motorbikes, and they offer a more reclined seating position. They have more torque, which allows beginner riders to not shift as much. Cruisers are popular with many motorcycle groups.


Dual-sport motorbikes are, as the name suggests, designed for both street and off-road use. Since they are driven off-road at times, a taller suspension is required, giving the rider a more upright seating position.


Sport bikes are designed for high levels of street performance. They are generally the fastest motorcycles on the road. They also offer the best braking and handling. As a result of the emphasis on performance, sport models generally offer lower fuel economy than their counterparts, and a less comfortable riding experience. Since they are designed with minimal air resistance in mind, riders sit leaning over the handlebars.


Touring models are built with the comfort of the rider in mind. They are used for longer distance trips, and often allow seating for a

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Seven million people were registered with motorcycle endorsements in 2007. Most people aren’t satisfied with a run-of-the-mill stock bike. If stock bikes aren’t your style, it’s definitely worth looking for shops in your area that specialize in custom motorcycles. You’ll probably wind up with lifelong riding buddies and learn more than you ever thought possible.

You Won’t Be Starting From Scratch

A great thing about customizing a motorcycle is that you won’t be building it from the bottom up. You’ll probably start with a stock bike or a partially customized, used bike, and start piecing everything together. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself person or a person with the ideas who will let an expert do the work, the benefits of starting with an already built bike will start to show in your wallet. If you’re still in the dreaming phase, there are free websites available that list hundreds of different parts where you can build virtual, custom motorcycles without the expenses of actually doing it.

You Won’t Be Alone In Your Journey

Stop by your local dealer to see if they work with custom motorcycles or are willing to order any parts you may need.

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Are you thinking about getting a motorcycle? It is a great way to explore the countryside or just save money on gas. However, if you are new to the scene, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you are unsure of where to begin, talking to motorcycle dealers can help you navigate the process.

Getting Legal

Before you buy anything, you need to check your state’s requirements on what it takes to drive a motorcycle legally. Each state has different requirements, paperwork, and testing you must complete in order to have your license endorsed. You may even be required to take a training class on how to properly ride, and there are some dealerships that let you train on their company equipment. Just remember, you can’t go on the road until your license is properly endorsed.

Talk to the Sales People

Once you have your endorsement, it is time to head to the motorcycle dealers and begin to take a serious look at what they have. You have probably already been talking to some of the sales people, so you know which dealership you want to work with. If not, you may be surprised

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Nowadays, individuals are more into motorcycles than cars due to numerous benefits such as lower fuel expenses and maintenance costs. Apart from that, individuals can also choose different types of motorcycles from sport bikes, mopeds, and even dirt bikes. If you wish to enjoy driving a motorcycle on different terrains, it is best to choose dirt bikes. But, before spending quality time riding under the open skies, it is important to check your bike. Below are the things you need to check.

Oil and coolant levels

Before doing anything on your bike, it is important to check the oil and coolant levels. These items are very important to ensure that your bike is running properly. Bikes with low oil can ruin the whole engine which can be costly. On the other hand, bikes that run on low coolant levels have higher risks of overheating.

Tyre thread and pressure

It is also important for individuals to check the tyre thread and pressure since it can affect its maneuverability, acceleration, and speed. Checking tyre thread is also important to ensure that you have good traction in any terrain to help you avoid slips and falls when

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The three wheel cargo motorcycles are a versatile piece of equipment to simplify the process of making a wide range of deliveries. With a maximum speed of 25-80 kilometers per hour, these motorcycles have the ability to cover a lot of terrain while still traveling in the more compact and easy to maneuver vehicle. This type of vehicle is certain to benefit in busy urban areas where it is more different to find suitable parking spaces.

Here are several benefits of using the three wheel cargo motorcycles:

Accepts most cargo

This type of motorcycle is a versatile piece of equipment with the ability to accept a wide range of loads. Some of the most common loads include fruit, wood, metals, coal, water, fertilizer, and grain. The load capacity of these vehicles can easily reach 1200 kilograms or more. The rear cargo area can be outfitted in several different configurations to make sure it is most practical for the intended load.

Most of these vehicles have an open rear with a lifting mechanism for ease of unloading goods on arrival at the drop off point. However, for certain loads, such as food, it is possible