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And i promise you the dawn is coming batman. 10 harvey dent two face entp.

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He has organized gotham s crime syndicate hired other villains of batman s rogue s gallery to work under his employ and has even commissioned assassins deadly enough to pose.

Batman villains mbti. 10 times batman has been other dc heroes or villains. Visionary determined and fixated on a singular goal bruce wayne exemplifies the strengths of the intuitive dominant personality type. Ironically enough the myers briggs test is only done on the mentally stable and clearly most of our favorite baddies are not exactly the sanest.

Mbti mbti fictional characters myers briggs mbti villains cast of characters charts batman villains rogues gallery talia al ghul istj mr. If you read my myers briggs post correlating movies to their respective type you know i m a fan of mbti. Harvey is a tricky one to categorise simply because of his two distinct personalities.

And seeing as how dark knight rises was as great as we wanted it to be i still feel the need to write about all things pertaining to it below are a list of characters primarily villains who fit into the mbti types. The prequel series gotham narrates about the city s history and development before batman s arise. 10 things fans forget about hush.

This makes all of batman s main villains and his secondary characters such as jim gordon or barbara kean a main part of the series along with a pre vigilante bruce too. This duality is represented on his half acid burn scarred face and in his. It starts indeed with the murder of martha and thomas wayne an event that upsets and influences the whole city.

However this list is done with all due respect. Some are maniacal like the joker or calculating like lex luthor. Below is a look at the myers briggs types of some of dc s most notorious evil doers.

They ve all pulled some pretty wild stunts that would never go over well with the non evil folks. 12 fictional intj characters 1 bruce wayne batman the night is darkest just before the dawn. Each and every batman villain is deceivingly unique one of a kind and almost impossible to label.

One thing that s so fun about batman s villains are the fact that. The myers briggs type indicator mbti is a means of determining one s personality from a selection of sixteen archetypes. Or you can take the official mbti here.

He is an isfj when it comes to the mbti character type the guardian. Here is the type of diabolical super villain each myers briggs type is likely to be. Freeze isfj r as al ghul riddler intj catwoman istp clayface isfp mad hatter infp scarecrow intp killer croc estp harley quinn esfp two face enfp joker entp.

Infj the infj villain is the tragic character who due to an extremely unfortunate and traumatic set of events has their view. Alfred pennyworth is the heart and soul in relation to bruce wayne s grit and determination. Villainy has many faces and forms.

10 dc villains who are entjs. He is the person who is there to nurse batman back to health mentally and physically and will help just about anyone brought to him.

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