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Why does boruto have jougan. Upcoming arc in boruto.

Boruto Next Generations Boruto Uzumaki Jougan By Stormgames Animes Boruto Boruto Personagens Anime

There are a lot of characters from naruto who makes appearances in boruto this gives a marvelous spectacle for the naruto lovers.

Boruto naruto next generations jougan. Naruto next generations is naruto gaiden and it will be airing on august 9 as shown in boruto august schedule. That blue eyed prophecy might be more related to his jougan than his eye color though the jougan does only exist in one eye. The otsutsuki also refer to boruto s jougan as troublesome.

There is a possibility that this prophecy and this troublesome label are related. Most of the fans are sure that boruto will unlock jougan in his right eye to defeat momoshiki and that could also backfire later. 5 ways sasuke deserved his redeemption 5 ways he didn t.

The jougan could very well be an original dojutsu that was wielded by the ancient ohtsutsuki. His mother hinata hyuga is a direct descendant of hamura ohtsutsuki. Naruto next generations is a continuation of the naruto series which lasted about 700 episodes it is a japanese manga series written by ukyo kodachi which serialized by.

Boruto uzumaki is yet to learn how to control his right eye however by the time kawaki invades konoha he seemed to have gained complete control of his eye and can activate it at will. She also received chakra from hamura in naruto. Here are more updates on boruto chapter 54 and how the manga could finally introduce.

The original naruto creator might continue with the future timeline shown in the first chapter of boruto. The reason why boruto uzumaki has the jougan could very well be hidden in his genes.

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