Hunter X Hunter Return 2019

Another 10 chapters followed by another 6 month hiatus returning again in january 2020. The current hiatus began in late november of 2018.

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Togashi broke the series hiatus twice last year to release new chapters but the same cannot be said.

Hunter x hunter return 2019. Don t think togashi will ever fully recover from whatever he is suffering from. With only 52 chapters ahead of the anime there s really not much to be adapted. However there s no need to lose hope just yet.

Many fans took it as a sign that hunter x hunter chapter 391 and nine more installments are part of the first batch of new chapters and ten more could follow in the second half of 2019. Hunter hunter hxhsource june 23 2019. The hunter x hunter anime concluded on episode 148 and covers up to chapter 339.

Follows the 6 month pattern. Due to its years long run on toonami the anime has remained to be in the talks. The hunter x hunter writer confirmed that hunter x hunter will be finished in the near future as he plans to get back into writing it seriously hey guys tha.

As pointed out on 2ch this is the first time in four years that togashi has missed an entire year it s only the second time since hunter x. Depressing to think about but the reality of the situation. Hunter x hunter manga is not that far ahead at chapter 391 right now.

This means hunter x hunter has been out of commission for two years. Will hunter x hunter season 7 ever come out. This hiatus has officially been out the 2014 2016 hiatus in terms of length and there is no word yet on when gon will return.

I agree on a return to wsj in may as well. As per the current circumstances chances are pretty low for the renewal of hunter x hunter season 7. This year hunter x hunter has been on a break since day one after a partial return in 2018.

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