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This would explain why jougan s power is hyped to be so extraordinary and why boruto will become a threat to the ancient ohtsutsuki clan in the. By age 16 boruto finally has control over the eye and can use it at will.

What Kind Of Abilities Would You Like To See From Borutos Jougan Boruto

Once the jougan is activated he is able to see the invisible connection.

Jougan powers reddit. Byakugan 白眼 or white eye is one of the three great dojutsu and naturally it possesses fearsome power despite not being as obviously destructive as other eyes. On the other hand you have sasuke master of the sharingan and wielder of the rinnegan. It s powers weren t opposite to the ones displayed by the sharingan in any for or shape.

Being able to travel through dimensions is yet to be one of the most exceptional powers that an individual can have. So far only hyuga and otsutsuki clan possess this dojutsu inherited directly from kaguya otsutsuki herself. He is the only known jogan user.

The jōgan is a unique dōjutsu that is known only by the ōtsutsuki clan 1 whose members claim it s troublesome and that it s a power strongly inherited from their clan 2 in the manga the dōjutsu is featureless in appearance with a barely visible pupil 3 when depicted in the anime the dōjutsu is blue in colour with a darkened sclera and visible pupil 4 when first used during his time in. Despite the mystery surrounding his eye boruto easily adapts to the strange power. This was also mentioned foreshadowed by momoshiki and toneri.

Jougan s abilities and powers. This would explain why jogan s power is hyped to be so special and why boruto will become a threat to the ancient otsutsuki clan in the future and stand at the pinnacle of power. They couldnt come up with something original so they made a new eye and will give them some powers.

His karma powers would be an addition to his arsenal. The hyuga being able to master there dojutsu and also create different techniques to take advantage of its abilities rotation air palm etc. It stands to reason that it doesn t have all of the powers of either.

They were simply introduced as the superior version of what the visual prowess of insight can do being able to literally see everything and in every direction with much more details than the sharingan ever could. He is a direct descendant of the hyuga clan and has no blood relation to any of the uchiha. The jougan is not the sharingan yet it is also not a byakugan.

Being able to utilize two different dojutsus with up to 16 different eye powers makes sasuke a prime candidate. This power gives him vital information in battle. This could mean that boruto right now has the highest potential of becoming the strongest being in existence without his karma powers.

This eye is also referred as the all seeing white eye since it allows user to have nearly 360 degree vision. The reason being that boruto s jogan is the power of the the very progenitor of the otsutsuki bloodline. I get bullshit everyday for saying this.

By using it he can track identify and monitor a person s chakra threads. This is same old rehashed eye powers. There are also some theories about nue being relevantly connected to nue and the different dimension where nue came from.

Why should inojin and chocho even try knowing they re gonna be fodder compared to boruto. Byakygan sharingan same thing they re basically eye powers. It seems to be able to see special forms of chakra such as the dark chakra that nue seemed to emit.

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