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They held a force that seemed to draw others in and at times mordred had wanted to swim within their depths. Continue this thread.

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Shakespeare does ok but.

Mordred chichiue. Also because of another pair of reasons. Posted by 3 years ago. 138 points 3 months ago.

Mordred chichiue cat. Plus as an ssr she has naturally good stats and a hard hitting buster. 209k members in the grandorder community.

Mordred was more than a little surprised by the sudden appearance of her chichiue but after a very brief pause a cheeky grin spread across her face as she confidently stated we both know i don t do this to tone my legs with one final push mordred locked the weights in place before rising to her feet and facing her back towards vahn. Mordred s words were directed to both of her parents but as she was sitting on her chichiue s lap it was hard not to stare directly into his eyes. Speaking as someone who really likes the idea of mordred having a happy ending where she s accepted by chichiue and the idea that all sides contributed to camelot s downfall in some way.

I also agree with the consensus that rama probably needs merlin out to get full use of his buster crits. Mordred s actual loved one came to support her. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Mordred fate mordred fate apocrypha fategrandorder are the most prominent tags for this work posted on april 8th 2019. Yeah mordred was still responsible for the kingdom s final fall and artoria s death even if a good part of it was due to morgan s machinations. 894 votes 36 comments.

The leg press she had used for support was ripped apart due to her inability to control her own strength and if not for the invisible force that had enveloped her wrists mordred wasn t sure she would even be able to stand upright. Fran is likely celebrating with babbage and moriarity. This thread is archived.

Unable to form any coherent thoughts mordred was slightly embarrassed to realize she was calling out to her chichiue in a whimpering moan every time another crash impacted her mind. She s actually nice to mordred. Welcome to r grandorder the central hub for fate grand order and all things.

Mordred chichiue cat. Kairi sisigou and dr jekyll. Writers joseph joe hahn brad delson mike shinoda dave farrell rob bourdon chester bennington.

Moedred on the other hand is worth levelling imo for waifu purposes her fourth ascension card art is really good and for the chichiue memes.

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